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Module Anasol.jl provides a series of analytical solutions for groundwater contaminant transport in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. The provided solutions have:

  • different source types
- instantaneous contaminant release
- continuous contaminant release with a unit flux
- continuous contaminant release with a given constant flux
  • different source shapes
- constrained (within predefined limits)
- distributed (assuming normal distribution)
  • different dispersion models
- classical (Fickian)
- fractional Brownian
  • different boundaries along each axis
- infinite (no boundary)
- reflecting
- absorbing

Functions have the following arguments:

  • t: time to compute the concentration
  • x: spatial coordinates of the point to compute the concentration
  • x01/x02/x03: contaminant source coordinates
  • sigma01/sigma02/sigma01: contaminant source sizes (if a constrained source) or standard deviations (if a distributed source)
  • sourcestrength: user-provided function defining time-dependent source strength
  • t0/t1: contaminant release times (source is released between t0 and t1)
  • v1/v2/v3: groundwater flow velocity components
  • sigma1/sigma2/sigma3: groundwater flow dispersion components
  • lambda: half-life contaminant decay
  • H1/H2/H3: Hurst coefficients in the case of fractional Brownian dispersion
  • xb1/xb2/xb3: locations of the domain boundaries

Anasol.jl module functions:

# Anasol.documentationoffMethod.

Do not make documentation


  • Anasol.documentationoff() in Anasol : /Users/monty/.julia/v0.6/Anasol/src/Anasol.jl:236


# Anasol.documentationonMethod.

Make documentation


  • Anasol.documentationon() in Anasol : /Users/monty/.julia/v0.6/Anasol/src/Anasol.jl:227


# Anasol.@codeMacro.

code the code macro is used to put a line of code (or a quote) onto the growing gen_code function.


# Anasol.@gen_codeMacro.

gen_code rejigs the standard julia @generate macro so that it creates a code expression variable that can be extended using the @code macro. At the end of the function it automatically outputs the result.